Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Toddler Logic

Every time Zoe spends the weekend with her cousin we have to do some serious deprogramming of bad behavior she's picked up. Mostly the not listening part.
Good grief.
She was fine for most of the day yesterday, then it slowly devolved in to her ignoring and me getting more and more frustrated.

And then bedtime... it's always something.
We tell her, don't get up, don't cry. You don't have to go to sleep right away, but you're not getting up either.
First time she cried.. she was at the door b/c she wanted tissue and needed to pee. That was our fault for not making sure she peed before bed.
2nd time... she started crying b/c her Robin little people toy fell out of bed.... and she didn't want to get out of bed to get it. Sigh..... :\

I overdid it yesterday.
Think I'm going in to semi-nesting mode right now. I'm still obsessed with finding those damn car decals and I needed to clean that baby's room of the pee.
So tired of smelling it and the cat definitely peed a lot more than we first saw in there.
So frickin disgusting.  There were pee marks all along the wall.
I love the carpet cleaner but it is not good w/ edges so I had to use the hose attachment to clean up the wall pee spots as best as I could.
Not sure if what I did helped or not and not sure if the cat remarked any spots in there. Need to wait until later when I can see a bit better.
That room doesn't have an overhead light so it's difficult to see pee spots.

I'm sure he's still going in the area though. Maybe not that room since DH put the baby gate up to block him, but definitely in the adjacent dining room area that's full of junk.

And thankfully no poo smell in our room. It actually dissipated pretty quick after I cleaned it up. I still had lingering phantom smell in my nose, but that was it.

Anywho... after I was done.. MAN was there some aching! And I woke up in the middle of the night to my vag aching too. That was weird lol.

Speaking of waking... I woke up at 3:30 and didn't get back to sleep until almost 6. Sigh....
At first it was because I was so paranoid about the dog crapping in the room again. Every sound I heard, I thought it was the dog getting up to poo again. Finally let her outside at around 4:30, but still couldn't get back to sleep.
I'm so tired :(

I was ok until 7am yesterday lol. And then I needed caffeine to help me stay awake. Hate that I have to have caff now, but gotta do what ya gotta do.

Oren is having a meltdown right now. He had majorly gross poop and I gave him the fingernail clipper to keep him distracted. Took it away once done and of course it's the end of the world in his eyes now. Sigh....

I did call the OB yesterday. Told them everything and the nurse eventually called back after speaking with one of the doctors. Doc said that if about 85% of my morning fasting numbers are below 95 then everything should be ok and I shouldn't need to go on anything. Just to keep eating the way I do, check levels and get back to them if my numbers in the morning start to be higher more than what it is now.
So yay for that :) Hopefully my morning fastings keep staying within a good level. Past 2 days they've been below 90. Really wish I knew why, but I'll take what I can get. FX that I won't need to be put on anything!

Alrighty... need to look up more vacation crap b/c apparently I'm the only one in charge of this shit even though this whole thing wasn't my plan.
Yes, if you couldn't tell, I'm annoyed as hell by that.
It was DH's friend's idea to begin with... so you would think that they would have a plan on what to do in Yellowstone when we get there right? NOPE! Seriously????
Why am I the only one wanting to go in with any kind of plan for the couple of days we're there? WTF were they going to do? Sit in the trailer all day long and hope something comes to them??


OH and how weird... where they are... it's frickin snowing!! WTH nature? And it's been in the low 80's to high 70's here. That is unheard of. It should be 90's and sweltering here already, but nope.. we're enjoying some nice cooler weather with our windows wide open. I'm not complaining.... it's just... weird.
Figured we'd have a horrible hot spring and summer this year b/c of the mild winter we had, but that is not the case so far.
Just some strange shit going on.

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