Friday, May 20, 2016

2 posts?

Why yes.. yes there are 2 posts today b/c why the heck not :D

So I took a shower once Oren was down for a nap and after I inhaled almost an entire box of mac & cheese.
Grab one of my new shirts I bought from
It's a nice shirt, but I'm gonna have to buy a white tank top to wear under it. It's WAY too sheer. That wouldn't be a problem IF the shirt had been intended to be something to wear over, but no.. it's just a shirt.
Sigh... WHY.... WHY is this problem so damn common with women's clothing??
Women get hot too.. meaning we don't want to NEED to wear multiple layers just so we're not showing off our bras!
And it's very possible to make a light weight shirt that isn't see through. I and DH have a lot of great MEN's t-shirts that are comfy and oh look.... not sheer at all!

Anyway... I told DH that we're gonna have to go to Kohls so I can pick up a couple more bras. I doubt they have cheaper than Walmart tanks but I'll look while there.

I really need more pants. No way I have enough to last 2 weeks, but I'm really hoping we come across at least one hotel w/ a laundry mat.

Definitely in that phase of needing to pee ALL the time.
I am still carrying high, but lower too.
Had to reflux yesterday after eating dinner and whenever I get up, I always have the urge to go pee. Always....
I'm feeling good though. Kinda same old same old really.

Oh and even though I did eat all of that mac & cheese.. my number was 130. Slightly higher than it should be but still.. that's not too bad for one meal out of many :)
And man was that mac and cheese good /drool

Wanted to post something else, but.... I forgotted.....

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