Tuesday, May 24, 2016

One step closer

FiL and MiL came back over yesterday. FiL to help with the room and MiL just b/c :)
Zoe was happy. We were just about to put her to bed... like literally walking her to her room, when they showed up lol.
FiL helped to drill a hole in the ceiling for a fan/light and wired up the switches for it :D YAY! It's coming along! Hoping to have the door to the room up soon to really keep the cat out of it and not have to worry about that room at least.

I think I'm definitely nesting. It's not super strong instinct or anything, but finding myself needing to straighten up and clean.
Oh the house is still a giant mess lol, but oh well. Can't always give in to instinct! :P lol
Going through those bags in DH's closet and sorting through donate-able clothing and stuff that just needs to be thrown away. Will be tackling my drawers too. I know I have some shirts that I need to get rid of.

I should be doing more straightening up in the rest of the house, but keep putting it off for the last minute. I do have a reason though. There would just be no point to doing it now b/c it WILL get messed up before we leave. Just want to take care of it Saturday and Sunday.

Oh, we also think we know which stove we'll be getting when we get back. Going to be a lot of money since we're not going for super cheap like we have. Sigh... I'm sure there will be something else expensive that screws up soon too :\ There's always something....

Ate the cucumber I picked the other day. Salt & peppered it up and YUM! Even Zoe was eating it up and the girl is a little junkie (junk food junkie).

Something else.. but forgot... again...

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