Tuesday, May 3, 2016


I still haven't heard back from the doc office yet. I just started taking my blood sugar levels yesterday and so far.. after eating it's been fine, but the morning fasting is doing what it did before.
It was frickin 102 this morning! Grrrr
I don't want to take glyburide again damnit! Nothing against taking the pill, I just don't want to go in twice a frickin week once again. It was easy with none... ok with Zoe... and now with 2?? UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH. Just a giant PITA.
And of course there's nothing I can really do to help the fasting level. BLEH

In somewhat better news.. for dinner, I had tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. Thought b/c of the sugar in the tomatoes and then the bread that my sugar would be a little high, but nope.. it was only 90! YAY! Going to have to play around with some stuff to see just how much of something I can have. Potatoes, rice and bread mostly. Hoping I'll actually be able to have a serving of something and still be within an OK range.

Terrain is almost signed over to inlaws. Just glad we're able to help them out a little since the whole wreck happened.

DH is home again today. He still feels ok, but his rash is still very angry looking in spots. HFM is making its way through everyone who hasn't had it before. Niece's father has it now too.
Again... thankfully it's not terrible in general. Just more of a nuisance once the fever passes.

I don't see how you can prevent this from spreading. I've read that people can stay contagious for up to a few weeks after the signs of it have passed. I mean obviously washing your hands, not coughing in to them, etc will help, but who really remembers to do that ALL the time. I'm sure everyone touches their face at some point or quickly sneezes or coughs in to their hand even if they usually don't.

Again though.. thankfully it looks like I probably already had this strain of it when I was little. No symptoms of it thankfully.

There's a concert we want to go to..... 3 days before I'm hoping to have my c-sec done lol. It's Blink 182 and A Day To Remember. I wanna go! There are seats at the venue so I wouldn't be standing or anything... and I've never had preterm labor or anything like that before so I think it would be ok. Uncomfortable, but ok.
We'll see I guess lol.
That is cutting it pretty darn close heh

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