Monday, June 13, 2016

And we're back!!

Holy frickin crap.... I just had the whole post almost done and one accidental click of the mouse from Zoe and it's all gone... ALL GONE!! Sigh........

Anyway.... condensed version for now I guess b/c the hell if I'm typing all of that back out.
The trip was an experience. Both good and bad... but mostly good I think :)
DH drove most of the time. Good for me, bad for him. He's just not used to me driving and apparently suffers from some mild motion sickness.

Oren and Zoe were both great when it came to sleeping with us. Oren was actually the better choice to sleep with lol. Zoe.... good lord she moves so much during the night and I found myself with bony little knees, elbows and feet digging in to my back. A couple of times she'd roll over and actually lay on me :P lol Oren fell off the bed once while we were in Yellowstone and bit his lip but he was ok the rest of the time and loved it.

Yellowstone was pretty darn cool. We didn't see the amount of wildlife we were hoping to see b/c of late starts b/c of DH's friend and his family, but oh well. We saw some along w/ all the pretty amazing scenery.

And blahblahblah.. I'll post about the first couple of days and then do more posts later when I feel like typing everything out... AGAIN :\

We left on Monday morning and headed for The Lost Sea in Tennessee. The Lost Sea was pretty neat. They have a couple of shops at the top to visit while you wait for the tour of the cave to happen.
The cave was pretty darn neat. Nice and cool, but let me warn anyone thinking of going to it. Wear good traction shoes and make sure you can endure the climb back up to the top. It's all good going DOWN even though some of the inclines are steep and you can slip easily b/c of the loose ground, but the climb back up is HORRIBLE.
29w pregnant with a baby that is laying low (even though it looks high) and out of shape too? I was in hell. Zoe didn't want to walk and Oren didn't want to go back in his stroller after the little boat ride on the underground lake (which was neat)... so she went in to the stroller and DH carried Oren. I needed that stroller to lean on as we climbed back up and poor DH.. along with having to carry Oren had to literally push on my back to help me climb back to the top. It SUCKED!!!!
Neat attraction, sucky climb back up from it.

DH wanted me to drive after that. Really?? Sigh... anyway... it wasn't so bad. Even though it had killed my legs, my legs weren't sore or anything so I was fine to drive. But this is where we learned that DH has some motion sickness problems b/c GPS decided to take us on some Tennessee back roads. Tennessee was actually really beautiful to drive through, but those back roads were windy and not great for someone suffering from motion sickness lol.
DH eventually took over b/c he couldn't take feeling ill any longer and he drove the rest of the way to Nashville. Can't remember the name of the hotel we stayed in, but it was ok. The beds were weirdly high though.
Like... to the bottom of my chest high. That sucked with how achy and tired we were.. having to literally climb up on to the bed, but whatever. They also had a nice complimentary breakfast w/ eggs, bacon, sausage and all the other breakfast stuff.

We left early to go see the Parthenon. It wasn't open, but we didn't care. Just wanted to see the outside of it really and with it being early and closed... other than a few folks exercising in the park around it, we had the whole place to ourselves :D It was very cool though and just so unexpected to see something like that in the middle of Tennessee lol.

We did take some photos which I'll post eventually.

Then off we went to.... somewhere. I can't remember where our next stop was. I do remember that Kentucky had a weird amount of turtle roadkill though.

Why did the turtles cross the road?
They didn't b/c they're roadkill.

Seriously... 9 out of 10 roadkill were smooshed turtles.... WTH?
Anyway.. the next hotel sucked BALLS. Think it was just under 100 a night. And it was GROSS. We should've asked for another room, but we were tired.
Our room wasn't cleaned properly... as I'm sure most of the other rooms were probably in the same condition. There was hair ALL over the place from the previous occupant and the shower curtains had mold and mildew all over them. Oh AND there were ants. Plus.. their little breakfast in the morning consisted of toast and cereal. :\
Just... yuck. When I find exactly where this was.. I'll post it so others know to avoid that hotel at all costs.

Ok enough for now before one of us deletes this once again. I'll post more later :)

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