Monday, June 30, 2014


Fertility friend just gave me crosshairs with last night's temp. Last night's temp may be a off though b/c I couldn't get to sleep so I woke up a bit sooner after I went to sleep. Won't be able to temp tonight so will have to see what it is Tuesday.

Maybe it's possible that I could've ovulated and/or gotten a LH surge when I wasn't testing. The positive last month didn't last long at all. Maybe only a couple of hours at the most. So maybe this one happened when I didn't test or was asleep or something. *shrugs*
Grasping at straws.

That's a bit upsetting though if I did ovulate. We only BD'd once and I posted about the leakage problem I had afterwards. Oh well... just to ovulate is pretty good if it did happen.
We'll see we'll see.


Today is going to be a mad dash to getting things somewhat cleaned before we go. We're only going for a day and coming back tomorrow afternoon/night since DH has to work on Wednesday.
OH well, maybe we'll get a longer beach vacation next year.

I blame his family anyway. They wouldn't tell him when exactly his sister was going to be coming so he ended up trading weekends w/ a coworker... and of course it's the weekend she's here. Then a week after he did that, his family finally remembers to tell him that when she's coming :\

They're not giant assholes, just not totally reliable when it comes to certain things.

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