Monday, June 2, 2014

Our own little Stitch

Zoe absolutely LOOOOOOOOOOVES the movie Lilo & Stitch (thanks netflix!).
I think she relates to Stitch while he's still in destructive mode lol.

Seriously though, she'll sit and watch almost the entire thing in silence. Sweet, sweet silence lol.
I know people are all like..
"You shouldn't let them watch too much tv!" and blahblahblah....
Well PFFFFT on them.
Mama likes some peace and quiet!

Oh I think we're a tiny step closer to potty training. Z is def not ready to yet, but earlier she was playing around and she ran to her room and was saying
"Diaper diaper diaper"
I usually say "Lets go change your diaper" when she needs a change.... fyi.
Anyway, I check her diaper and sure enough, she has poop.
So yeah, while I don't think she's ready yet, I think this is a step closer to starting.

It's almost 11 and no AF yet. That's not saying much though. Still a lot of today left. This is just setting my nerves on edge. Just waiting for something to happen and of course everything is going through my mind right now.

Maybe something helped my LP get longer. Maybe it's like this naturally and fluctuates from 10 to whatever days.
Maybe I am pregnant and it's still just too early.
Maybe AF will show up later.
Maybe I didn't even ovulate.
Maybe maybe maybe.

Driving myself crazy is an understatement.

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