Sunday, June 29, 2014


So.. DH asked me yesterday about his friend's daughter coming to stay with us for a month or less so she could volunteer at a hospital b/c she's thinking about being a nurse and I guess wants the experience.

She's not a bad girl or anything like that. She's actually a really good young kid, but just the thought of someone else staying with us gives me anxiety like crazy. No more walking around with no bra on. No more leaving the door open to pee.
I'd have to actually clean every day.
No more picking my nose lol
And certainly no more of DH getting all frisky with me.

Feel like such a bitch but I do not want her to stay with us. I'm anti-social for a reason. I like being alone (well alone w/ Zoe).... I like doing the things I like without having to worry about someone else there. It's just so awkward.

Don't know what to do. I told DH this and he gets it but they're his friends and if god forbid anything ever happened, we would be the ones to take in their kids. What kind of message is this sending to them if I don't even want their daughter to come stay with us for a short time? UUUUUUUUGH

Feeling so selfish but... my home is the only place I can really be myself and with someone else here... I'm going to have to be on my best behavior pretty much and... just... UGH.
I dunno.... on the verge of just telling him yes, but then my anxiety screams at me NO.

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