Tuesday, June 3, 2014

So much for distraction...

Went and hopped in the little pool we bought and yeah... all I could think was if my AF was starting the entire time. And then thought about having to explain THAT to DH and cleaning it out. BLEH lol.
At least we got some sun though.

Good lord I'm so freckly lol. I don't mind it actually. It's just funny that some parts of me don't have freckles only b/c they never get any sun. As soon as they do, freckle city! hehe At least I tan under the freckles though :)

Zoe's down for her 2nd nap. Not too much of a fuss today for nap times thank goodness.

Oh and if you have a LO... read up on Secondary Drowning. That shit is SCARY.
Saw it mentioned on scarymommy I think and.. man. That has me so paranoid. Z slipped and sucked in a little water. Coughed some but hasn't since though. Still... I had NO idea that was even a thing.

Is it bad that I'm THRILLED that Zoe gets mesmerized by the tv now? I can put on some cartoons and go do whatever while she sits there quietly watching it.
It's HEAVEN lol.
Really need to get her some educational ones though so at least she'll learn something :P

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