Friday, June 6, 2014

That's it...

I'm calling it.
I don't think I ovulated.
Body geared up to do it and then just never did for whatever reason.
Can't explain the 3 higher than O temps but.. meh, whatever.

Temp this morning was 97.87.... still higher than normal I think for pre-O, but.. whatever. I'm done.

I took Target brand test this morning. Blue dye but I've never had problems with them before.
Shadow line. Faint faint faint shadow w/ no color.
I tried getting a photo but it's not gonna happen.

Been looking at FF charts w/ late BFPs. Most of them just look like FF miscalculated when the person ovulated.

I'm going to take one more test with SMU and then put them up and wait. Start using OPKs again.
If nothing in another week, I'll call in provera prescrip.

DH was sweet last night. He asked if I was still spotting and I told him about it all.
I said it probably doesn't mean anything though and he told me not to lose hope. Awww.
He pissed me off that morning but he made up for it with that.

Just took a FRER w/ SMU and BFN again.
Yeah, I'm fairly certain now that I didn't actually ovulate.
I'll start using OPKs. Will probably end up using my last 2 expensive tests in a few days and then call in a provera refill.
Well shit... this sucks. :\

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