Thursday, June 19, 2014

cd 13

And nothing yet. Not that I was expecting to ovulate in a timely manner but it sure would've been nice. If I had kept exercising though... maybe I would have.

Oh well.

Just got done doing this video I found on youtube. Holy shit was it difficult! You're supposed to do it 2-4 times but I could only do it once. My legs still feel like jello 40mins after.
And about 10min after I got nauseous.

I'm going to keep trying it though. I won't be able to do it more than once for a while, but in time I will and I know it worked me out. Will try it again either Saturday or Monday.

Oh I thought I was feeling some right O type of pains yesterday. They were pretty sharp, but I think it was intestinal. Not entirely positive but I haven't felt it again since.
I HOPE it's my ovary producing a nice big healthy egg though.

OH did I forget to mention the accident on Father's Day?

Well DH and Z went to church as they have been. Or well, DH met MiL who still had Zoe.
Zoe was in a disposable when they came back but we didn't think much of it.
We put her down for a nap b/c she was so tired.
She started crying not too long after and wouldn't stop. We eventually went and checked on her....
Poo EVERYWHERE in her crib!
The girl pooped in her diaper and then promptly took the diaper off and got the blueberry poop everywhere. All over her, all over her sheets and blankets. We washed her toys too just in case.
DH wiped everything down w/ lysol and just... BLEH! lol

Oh and yesterday.... Zoe tried to pull the rag doll move when it was bedtime. DH took her hand to walk her to her room and she would try to flop on the ground while crying and "NOOOO"ing
OMG it was HILARIOUS and I seriously almost peed myself from laughing so hard.

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