Thursday, June 26, 2014

Still nada

Was hoping maybe something later in the day would be even darker but nope. Looks about the same I think.
We'll see what tomorrow brings though. Hopefully it will be even darker.
Only noticed a very very small amount of EWCM this morning and that was it. Nothing all day long.
Really hope all of this isn't a false alarm. That would suck :(

Yeah, DH and I both definitely have eczema. Never knew it but we do. Mine is a bit worse.

Again, never knew what it was but thanks to good ole self diagnosing on google...... ;)

We both get these small itchy bumps on our hands. Can't remember what it's called but it's eczema.
I also get itchy spots on my face and have them on my arms right now. Just a lot of bumps that look and itch like bug bites pop up for no apparent reason.
Or well, no obvious reason.
I THINK something out in my garden is causing the flare ups. It started on my arms yesterday after I was messing w/ everything in my garden so I think I'm sensitive to something out there. No idea what though.

So yep, Zoe and any children after have no chance for good skin :P lol Hopefully they'll grow out of it but we'll see.
Saying they like we're already pregnant or something.
Sigh, I wish.

Oh, did I mention that Zoe has colored on the walls? Yep, she's done it a few times now actually. We've taken away her crayons for now which sucks b/c she loves scribbling.
Thankfully they're washable crayons, but she colored in the little hallway leading to her room which is not painted yet... which means it doesn't wash off. Oh well, we're going to paint it eventually.

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