Thursday, June 26, 2014

No + today

Just did the first opk and no + today. It looks like it's getting darker but that could just be wishful thinking too.
We'll see what happens I guess. Will probably hold off on BDing again until tomorrow.

We're going to get Zoe Frozen for her birthday. We're all late but she wouldn't have really watched it before.
She absolutely LOOOOOOOOOOOVES that song Let it Go though. I found a sing-a-long video on youtube that I let her watch and she copies almost all of the moves Elsa does. She does the arm/hand gestures, runs when she runs etc. It's so cute.
I have video, it's posted on FB but I'll post it here eventually heh.

Oh, and that movie really needs to be retitled "Decisions you make can fuck up your kids". Seriously, those were some shit ass parents in that movie. Little troll things that could've helped their daughter learn to control her ability? NOPE, just make the other daughter forget all about it and then traumatize the other one in to seclusion.

DH is planning on building her a tardis. It's going to be a shelf on the upper part and then open on the bottom for her. I would like to put more in to it for her, but not really sure what would fit.
He actually stayed up late last night making the plans for it.
I kinda wanted to be a part of it too but... I think he's stolen the project and is running with it. Whatever.
 Go for it dude ;)

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