Saturday, June 28, 2014

Safe to say

That the 2.5mg of femara didn't do shit for me.
Oh well. NOt surprising but it's still disappointing.

My OPKs aren't doing much of anything. I think my body may have been gearing up to do it from my left, but my left ovary is not the good one.

I have 3 refills of the femara. Not sure if my doc wants me to try it 3 more times or if I should call and ask for a higher dose. I'll call Monday and ask about it.

Going to start getting more strict w/ diet then too. Weekdays have been fine, it's just the weekends that have really been hurting my weight loss. Wouldn't think so b/c it's not like I'm stuffing my face constantly. It's one or 2 meals and that's it. But apparently my body is a giant asshole so I can't have anything nice :P lol

Well that won't start on Monday. We're going to the beach that night, staying most of Tuesday and coming back Tuesday night.
Not looking forward to that crap and pee filled mess at home. DH wants me to go so he gets to clean it all up.
I'm sure our larger dog will try to jump over the gate to escape though. We'll see.

Speaking of dogs.... apparently, my brother and his family are still bad pet owners b/c they haven't fixed their male dogs or female dogs and oh look, puppies. Thankfully only 3 and they're mostly chihuahua so shouldn't be too hard to give them away.
MiL has laid claim to the female and I'm trying to get Eric to say yes to one of the other ones.
I think he's really considering it. He hasn't said no.

Oh and apparently, my brother MIGHT have had a seizure a few weeks ago. Frickin news to us b/c we're never told anything. :\
He's supposed to be getting tested or something for it. NO idea b/c again, we're never told anything.


Rian Eidson said...

I was put on 5 mg from the get go. I hope your doctor will up your dosage!

LisaL said...

Yeah, I'm not sure why she starts so low. *shrugs* I'll call on Monday and see what they want me to do.