Thursday, June 5, 2014

I give up....

... trying to figure out what's going on.

Have had absolutely no more spotting today other than very very light orangish stuff this morning.
I've pooped, I've peed, I pushed, I did everything except for sticking my fingers up my junk to see if there was blood (not a huge fan of that).

Will try my best to get a temp for tomorrow and see what that shows. Maybe it will have gone back up. Or maybe it will go down again and AF will finally show.

And yeah... I probably am going to test again.... I was so sure AF would show today or at the very least the spotting would get worse.

My breasts are still sore
Woke up with a headache that stayed with me most of the day even though I took some tylenol
SUPER tired all day long even though I slept really well last night. Took a quick 10min nap that helped.
Yesterday and today I've felt some left O area pains. Not sure what that is about. Probably just a cyst or 2.
My left eye has been twitching. That could just be from the fatigue though.

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