Sunday, June 8, 2014


I strt femara tomorrow. WOOT! Actually considering calling in another refill for the femara to take 5mg of it. SO tempted to do it but I won't..... even though I should....

Excited to start it though. AF hasn't really been flowy.
It's def AF, don't get me wrong, but it's mostly just coming out when I use the bathroom. I'm not complaining though... heavy flow while wearing a pad and hoping you're not leaking out in public sucks monkey balls.

I should be able to start exercising on Tuesday at the earliest. It should be light enough that exercising and getting sweaty down there won't be too gross.

Thankfully the aching is an a minimum today. Felt it a little bit but it's mostly gone.

Learned that SiL (DH's sister) is going to the gym. I know this is shallow, vain, bitchy, but I REFUSE to be fatter than her.
I am not going to be the fat one damnit. Like I said, it's terrible, but I will not let her get thinner than me LOL. The competition in my imagination is ON! ;)
Until then, I'm enjoying some comfort foods and then it's strict again. We're either gonna get pregnant or I'm gonna get skinny. I won't let myself fail this time!

Zoe's new favorite phrase...

"Stop it!"

I'm not entirely sure if she knows just what it means. She does, but then she'll say it randomly too. Crazy girl.

She's still not napping like she used to :(

Oh well, sucks for me but she's gonna have to start getting used to it b/c I'm gonna need that time to exercise. And oh yes I will be using my earphones to drown out the screaming.

That dang hail storm.
Over 2000 worth of work needs to be done on the car, and then we need to have the roof done.
Thankfully insurance is covering most of the cost, but we're still going to have to fork over about 1500. Thank goodness for savings, but still.... that's a lot of money we didn't want to spend.
We were fine not getting the dings out of the car since DH doesn't want to trade it in for a new car (whenever that happens), but since we don't own the car just yet, we HAVE to get it done.

And the roof... to me it looks fine, but better to be safe than sorry down the road so we need to get that done too.

Damn you nature!!

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