Thursday, June 5, 2014

I would punch it!

If my body had a face... that wasn't my own or attached to me so I couldn't feel it... I would totally punch it right in its face.
DO something right!! I know you can! Zoe is in the other room screaming her head off not wanting to nap to prove that!

I spotted twice yesterday. The first time when I posted and then right after. 2nd time wasn't as much and both times it was red and fresh but watered down.
Today... it's been barely there orangish spotting twice so far and also has that watered down appearance.
Nothing has reached a pad yet.
Ok and this is going to be gross but here goes.... I've had bad diarrhea again today and all of that pushing for the BMs should've pushed something out of the hooha too.
So WTF body???

This has me annoyed but more worried than anything. I don't think I'm pregnant, but this is seriously making me question if I ovulated.

I did take my temp 4 times. first 3 were 98s which is consistant w/ Post-O temps. They were slowly declining though but still..
Today was 97.81. Still a little high but not as high.
Still want to believe that I did ovulate, but my body is not helping matters with... whatever the hell it is doing.

Oh and here's the nice indent I took on the test this morning. I was having line eye but it looked like an indent to me and sure enough... it is.
Damn, I'm getting good at this ;)
I shined a flashlight to it so the indent would show better. It worked so.. WOO heh

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Meike said...

HUGS , maybe it's just Implantation bleeding xox