Thursday, June 19, 2014

It has to be hormones

My face has been breaking out like I'm back in high school.
This along w/ that headache and w/ the bloating... it has to be something hormonal going on.
It would be one thing if I was eating nothing but junk food, but I haven't been. Sure I haven't been perfect w/ my diet either but one or 2 cheats over the week shouldn't be causing this much of a problem.

Whatever. Just going to keep pushing on and hope my body figures something out.

SiL asked on FB if anyone thought her daughter would make a good big sister. She wasn't trying to covertly say anything (like she was already pregnant), but was just asking.
First off... *coughattentionwhorecough*
2nd.... I think she's asking bc she wants to try to convince her husband to have another baby.
I know she wants another but for whatever reason he doesn't.
She's been going to the gym and we all know what that means (for everyone but myself).
It will make her super fertile and she'll end up pregnant in no time... :\
It won't put me back in to that dark place again if she were to get pregnant again, but I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't get crazy jealous.

I know it's so frickin stupid and petty, but..... I REALLY want to have the first boy grandchild.
Or actually, if other SiL were to get pregnant (which I hope happens for her soon) and it was a boy, I'd be totally happy for her.

If we're blessed to have another baby and it's a girl though, I would be beyond thrilled. Boy or a girl... I just want more babies.
We make adorable babies... it would be a shame if we couldn't give this world more of them!... ROFL ;)

Zoe is growing up so darn fast. Her speech still isn't great and it's mostly just her babbling but her repeating words has gotten a lot clearer.

And it's so darn cute when DH gets home from work. She knows it b/c the dogs will start barking. So we'll go and open the door to greet him and the entire time she's excitedly saying "Daddy, daddy, DADDDDDYYYYYY!" lol
But then when she gets out there, she's more worried about running around :P lol
Still makes DH happy though :)

And blueberry poops are disgusting!!! Her poop has been pitch black, staining her cloth diapers and mushy. BLEH! But the good thing... they don't stink... it's very strange o_O

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