Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Yep, I already took my last FRER. Going to go out and get more in a little bit.

I dunno.... I think this was just a really bad batch of FRER.

FMU test turned out to be a very light indent. I took it out of the case b/c I thought it was looking indenty. Couldn't really tell at first since it was still wet. But I glanced at it as it was drying and yeah, it's definitely an indent. Not a super bad one, but a light one is still bad enough.

Here's the SMU test.
I took it thinking that maybe my SMU would be better since it's been that way before. It's so hard to tell though since everything is so faint.
Something did show within about 3-4mins but it's the same thing.

Took it out after the time limit b/c again, I wanted to see if there was an indent, but it doesn't look like there is with this one.
Here it is still wet...
I just don't know anymore...

Part of me thinks that it's all nothing. Just a bad batch of FRER.
Then I'm wondering if I did ovulate.... or if maybe something I'm taking is just lengthening my LP. *shrugs*

Just got back from Walmart and Target.
Local walmart didn't have any early response FRERs. Bought some of their 88c tests to tide me over until tomorrow lol.
Headed to Target and bought another box of 3 FRER and one of Target brand early response tests (2). Looks like it's a pink dye. We'll see I guess.

Oh no, looks like they're blue dye. BAH. OH well, it's a different test so maybe it will give a clearer answer. I've used blue dye before and never had a problem with them, but I've seen plenty of photos of crap ones.... we'll see we'll see.

Oh and I took a walmart test. There's a test line... but I'm not entirely sure it wasn't already there before I took the test. Meaning like an indent or just a visible antibody strip.
I tried getting a photo but the camera doesn't want to pick it up very well.
Which is kind of funny though b/c the line on it is a lot easier to see than the FRER.

And because I haven't obsessed enough...

Here are all 3 of the FRER. I think it's pretty clear that the middle one was an indent, but the 13 2 (SMU) one gives me some hope.


Meike said...

Holy Peestick , I know not to jump the gun but OOOOHHH that looks good FXFXFXFX

Mlove said...

I definitely see something!!! None of my FREE tests were very dark, not even after I'd had a confirmation u/s ...*I'm a POAS addict too!!!!

LisaL said...

Lol, thanks you 2.

I'm trying not to get my hopes up. My pessimistic side keeps wanting to tell me that they're faulty and I didn't ovulate, but optimistic side is hoping for a nice pink line tomorrow. We'll see what happens.