Sunday, June 1, 2014

Oh yeah...

THAT was why I never wanted to buy Answer tests again. Visible test line before you even take the test and now not even a cover for the absorbent tip.

Yep, I took another test b/c I'm sad. Figured meh, it's just an answer and opened it to see a pretty visible test line already on it. No color, but that doesn't matter, it shouldnt be there to begin with.

It does look BFN after using it, but any woman who is even obsessing a little could see where that test line was and get her hopes up.

Yeah, that's it. I'm totally done with Answer tests now. They're just giant POS. I'd rather give my money to FRER. Sure, they've been having problems w/ indents now too but not this bad.

Oh and Zoe figured out how to turn door knobs yesterday. We promptly went out and bought child proof door knob covers lol.
Poor thing... she finally figures something out and is SO proud of herself and we just gotta ruin the fun ;)

I took my temp this morning just to see what it was. I think I had been half awake for a while though so not sure how accurate it was. It was 98.something and if it follows what previous cycles were like then that's a post-O number.
Going to try to take it again. Will probably be in the dead of night when I have to get up to use the bathroom... oh well.

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