Friday, June 6, 2014


So... picked up my meds and I'll be starting provera Monday unless AF miraculously starts on it's own... or even more miraculously I get a BFP.

10 days of provera though. BLEH. Then AF after.... yeah, I'm not going to the beach probably. Can't remember exactly when SiL and her husband are visiting but ... it's probably not going to happen.
I didn't want to go anyway so this would be a good excuse lol.

And yeah... that's it actually.
Other than crap I usually do... not really planning on anything different lol.
OH I do plan on trying to temp again. That will definitely help to determine ovulation if I get something like this happening again. No more believing I did and turns out... NOPE.
Will save money on tests.
Not even going to buy more FRERs unless I see something that isn't a shadow on a cheap test first.

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