Saturday, June 7, 2014

It's here!!

AF started this morning! WOO!
I went to the bathroom at around 1am, nothing.
Got up this morning at 6 and it is full blow AF.

Which means that I DID in fact ovulate. Still not entirely sure on why I had a longer LP. Maybe a chemical, maybe meds and whatnot. Who knows.

But still... YAY! This has renewed my hope that my body is starting to get its shit together. Not entirely together but somewhat :)

This AF is kicking my ass already though. Holy crap the aches are terrible. I wouldn't call it cramps, it's just a persistent terrible aching in my uterus all the way around to my back. Going to need to take something for it b/c this sucks.

Femara will be started on monday and.. yeah. Really hopeful that I'll ovulate this cycle too. Maybe a little late, but late is better than never :)


Rian Eidson said...

Yay!!!! Sending baby dust for this next cycle! Femara was awesome for me. I got pregnant in 2 cycles on it each time I took it. Good luck!

Meike said...

FX for this cycle x