Tuesday, June 3, 2014


BFN again today.
AF was obviously a no show if I'm still testing.
Longer LP is always a great thing, but dang.... where's the BFP!?

Maybe the inositol is lengthening my LP? If so, WOO!, but I'd prefer a BFP right about now lol.

There is a super duper faint line on the FRER, BUT I think it's just an indent or something. It's barely visible. I did get a photo of it finally after taking a bazilllion, twisting and turning it in every light possible lol.

First image is tweaked once w/ contrast. 2nd is tweaked again w/ contrast
As you can see, even tweaking it that much the line barely shows up.
Maybe it's not an indent and it's the start of something good.
Maybe my body is just teasing me and AF will show her ugly face still.
Who the heck knows.

Oh and check out my 10dpo test! It's dried up now but still... there was obviously an indent on it.
No wonder women have line eye all the time.... b/c there is a frackin line :\


Shari said...

That line looks pink to me!

LisaL said...

Really? Hmm, I don't see pink on it. Could just be b/c of the tweaking that it made it look pink.

Guess we'll see.

Going to take everything in me not to use another test today lol.