Thursday, June 5, 2014

Oh DH's.....

... How we love you one minute and want to rip your head off the next.

So I woke up early. Had to pee and took one last test (BFN).
DH is sitting at his desk reading before he goes to work so I decide to watch something on youtube. NP right?

Well little Miss DH got his panties in a bunch and decided to talk to me like I was a child and get pissy with me for disturbing his reading time. Excuse the fuck out of me.

About 10 minutes later, he's leaving, stands there waiting for a kiss from me, chuckles when he sees that I'm still glaring at him, goes for a kiss. I just stand there which he's lucky to have even gotten that.
When I don't kiss back he just makes a noise and leaves.
Seriously dude. You expect me to forget that you JUST scolded me like I was a child? I'm not going to just chuckle and think.. "Oh YOU...." and give him a peck. He's lucky I didn't tell him to FUCK OFF.

Anyway.... nothing major but I needed to vent about it. With the disappointment of this failed but also kind of successful (depending on how you look at it) cycle... his attitude this morning just upset the shit out of me.

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