Monday, June 2, 2014


So no spotting at all yesterday. Must say that it got my hopes up quite a bit since I always spot before AF.
AF is due today if I did actually ovulate and ovulated when I think I did.
I could be wrong though and I'm a day off.

BFN this morning but the test tricked me for a moment.
Took an FRER (screw answer tests until I get a definite pink line on something).... and within 3 minutes a very faint but definite line showed up. BUT it was so faint that I couldn't tell if there was color. So waited..... and then the line disappeared. Now the test just looks BFN w/ my line eye playing up agian.
I'm def seeing where the line showed but the test just looks BFN without burning a hole in it from staring too long lol.
Sigh... that really got my hopes up too :(
Never heard of a FRER doing something like that, but I guess it happens. Oh and I'm positive it wasn't the dye making its way across. The line I saw came up afterwards.
Really curious to see what comes up on the test once it dries.

Here's a tweaked (contrast) photo
If you have good line eye you can barely see a shadow, but it still just looks BFN. Dang tests.....

Wish I could've temped this morning. I had some seriously bad diarrhea last night starting from 12:30 all the way up til 2 and then couldn't stay asleep for anything.

Today is going to be a very very long day :( Sitting around waiting for AF to arrive. Hope it doesn't.
But then that will just have me thinking what I said above. Maybe I ovulated a day later, maybe I didn't ovulate at all. UGH.... TWW blows! lol

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