Thursday, June 19, 2014

What's up body?

I don't know WTF my body is doing, but I wish it would stop.
So our diet hasn't been the greatest. I did bake a blueberry pie after we went and picked some, and I we had rice on Monday.
It hasn't been that bad though. We haven't been constantly stuffing our faces with junk food. It's just a little extra on top of a good diet.
At the very least, my weight should be steady right now.
Weighed myself today and it was up to 208.something. WTH????
I know I've been feeling bloated. My ring isn't loose like it usually is but DAMN. This is just not fricking normal at all :(
Going off the rails for a couple of meals should not be adding on 6-8lbs.
Could it be the femara maybe? I dunno.... I want to say no but... I have no idea.
It's probably just my screwed up body doing it's usual crap thing.

Just work body.... just work like a normal body should.


Started OPKs yesterday. It was very negative. As negative as you can get with the 2nd line still there. If that makes any sense heh. It was very very faint. Not normal for me, so I'm hoping that's a good sign that my body is trying to do something right. It was like that last cycle too and I ovulated then so hoping that happens again. I'll take late ovulation over nothing.

Crap, this post was supposed to be before the previous one but I forgot to publish it. Oh well..

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