Friday, June 6, 2014

Worst luck in the world

... with pregnancy tests that is.
WTF is going on here

Blue dye within the time limit. Keep in mind the shadow line I was seeing popped up a minute after I took the test. So not an after the time limit evap.
You can't see it great in the photo but trust me when I say it's there

Strip out of the case, after the time limit and drying
It was still faint but a lot more visible. Still had to tweak it but still... seriously??

The dye even pooled around the damn ring around the test line AND around the shape around the control.
Also I noticed there was A LOT of blue dye all over the strip in general after I took it out of the case.
I think that's all that was happening with this test. The excessive amount of dye was pooling around everything, the shapes, the lines etc.


I wouldn't have used a FRER with SMU if this one had shown nothing but NOPE, of course it did so I wasted another test.

And don't get me started on the FRER w/ SMU.
Yeah I had line eye with it but figured it was the same as the rest of them. Pop it out of the case and there's something there. It is NOT a BFP though.
Here's it is drying since that seems to be when everything shows better.
The test has dried even more now and it's definitely just a thin indent.

Now I know I stare these tests down which is why I can usually see something, but damnit... there shouldn't be anything there if I'm not pregnant!!!
Is that too much to ask for??


Rian Eidson said...

I hate blue due tests! When I was pregnant with my son it looked just like yours, so I didn't know what to think. Took a FRER two days later and got a definite positive. So sorry for your frustrations!

LisaL said...

Yeah, it's extremely frustrating.
I wish I had looked at the box closer and saw that it was blue dye. I would've just gotten another box of FRER. At least then I'd be walking away with a $5 Target gift card (special they were having when you bought 2 FRER).