Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Just waiting

For DH to get home and for AF to start.
Spotting hasn't gotten heavier but I'm sure it will. Really hoping AF doesn't drag its feet and just starts soon already.

And yeah, I just want to get this next cycle going. Get the heavy part of AF over with so I can start exercising again.

I MAY test tomorrow morning just b/c if AF hasn't started over night. I doubt there will be anything on the test but won't hurt anything to look... other than my wallet when I have to shell out more money for tests whenever lol.
I really need to get a handle on that next time though. Can't just spend money on willy nilly like that any longer.
If I'm lucky enough to be in another TWW, I need to make more of an effort to not use the expensive tests until much much later.
Getting that BFP at 8dpo with Zoe really spoiled me lol.

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