Thursday, June 19, 2014

Just go away!

Part of a PCOS FB group and.... it really pisses me off when they start talking about those scamming "fertility psychics".
These women are so desperate and here comes the scammers to take their money for bogus readings.
I fell for that shit too and now.... I just hate seeing so many women still falling for it.
I've commented my own experience and how the person was wrong on everything, but they don't listen. They want to believe... they want answers :\

It's like people believing that Silvia Brown woman or now that Long Island Medium scammer. Nevermind that there is some very great evidence that they're a bunch of liars... but nope... people just want to shut their eyes, stick fingers in their ears and LALALALALA so they can't hear the truth.

Oh I believe there are people w/ some kind of special psychic abilities, but not those frauds. Not ones who flaunt their "gifts" and use it to siphon money from the desperate.

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