Monday, June 9, 2014

Starting tomorrow (Tuesday)

At least that's the plan.
AF has been making me extremely fatigued. Just low low energy, but I'm going to do something tomorrow anyway even if it is something slow on the elliptical.

AF has been ok. Still getting some aches coming from my right O area every once in a while, but most of the time nothing. It was just that first day that was bad thankfully.
AF still hasn't been very flowy. Mostly just there when I use the bathroom w/ some (not as much as normal) making it to the pad.
It's been VERY mucousy though. Not sure why it does that but whatever.

Took my first femara pill this morning and I'm so excited. I'm hopeful but kind of ticked that my doctor wouldn't start me on a higher dose. This dose, I have 3 refills on it. Really hope she's not expecting me to do 3 more cycles of it before increasing the dose.
We'll see.
Just hoping that since I did manage to ovulate on my own last cycle, the femara will help to bring it on a little sooner.

Zoe is.... well.. Zoe is heading in to the terrible 2's a bit early lol. She's not terrible, but wow... she's got the throw herself down on the floor to tantrum thing down lol.

She's also started the "MINE" thing now too. UGH. Didn't help that MiL and DH's aunt kept doing it to her. Like taking something from her and then teasing her with it saying "MINE!"
Frickin hate it when they intentionally teach bad behavior like that.

OOO Z was being a little turd yesterday. She hadn't gotten a nap in so she was being extra grumpy and demanding.
She was wanting some help w/ a tupperware container that had her crayons in it so she took them to DH.
Well DH would help her half way b/c he'd want her to do the rest. She was NOT having any of it and threw the container in to her his.
We both told her NO, and no throwing and I would tell her to "Tell daddy you're sorry." She also didn't want anything to do with that so she threw herself on to her chair and starting tantruming. It would've been more frustrating than it was if it hadn't been so hilarious.
When she threw herself on to the chair it was over the arm (she was on her stomach) so her little legs were up in the air as she was screaming and whining LOL.
DH and I both had to cover our faces as we tried not to laugh out loud at her.

Anyway, she's supposed to be taking a nap now. I put her down an hour ago. She screamed for over half an hour and is just now quiet. I can hear her walking around her crib and talking though. She better go to sleep! lol

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