Monday, November 24, 2014

Too much drama for my momma

So I get a call today from my mom asking if we wanted to take over payments for one of her cars. Now I know why she was so persistent about it though.
Her husband is wanting to go back to Korea and if he does, she doesn't want him coming back. Even if he doesn't go, she's planning on kicking him out anyway.
Blahblah happened and she said she's too old to deal with all of it. So since she has 2 cars and won't be needing both of them any longer, she wants us to take one of them.
There's that new one that is over $600 a month and then another that is just over 500 and has 2 years left to pay on it.
She could just sell one of them, but she knows we're eventually going to want another car so keeps insisting that we take one of them. BLEH!!!!
I just don't know.

Texted DH about it and he said if we do take her up on her offer, we could always trade it in for something else which isn't that bad I guess, but it's going to be another bill added on and more insurance to pay. Insurance would've been a given anyway when we got a car, but not the extra car payment on top of what we're already paying. It would've just been one since our car would've been paid off.

This wouldn't be such a problem if she didn't have such expensive taste in cars to begin with and if we didn't have so many other things to buy and pay off right now.

AND it just sucks that her marriage didn't work out this time. He seems like a nice guy, but I guess they just have their problems and she doesn't want to deal with all of the drama. Her choice, but I hate that she's going to be alone again.
It's not even like the marriage was based on love or anything (as bad as that is to say)... more just companionship. I dunno... just a shit situation for her.
She's a strong woman though and will get through it.

In much lighter news....
DH finally got things hooked up in the living room, computer apparently doesn't have wireless internet so he's stopping by the store after work to pick whatever up. Using his computer while he's at work to get on when I have the time.

After we got back home from lunch (after he went to church), he was working on it almost the entire time. Who knew hooking up cables would take up so much time lol. Granted there are a lot of wires and cables to hook up.

Still not really sure where his desk is going. He said to just put it in the sunroom but I was kind of hoping he'd be in the living room too. Sunroom is right there though so it's not a huge deal.
Just have to figure out where the giant coffee table is going along with my desk.

Woke up at 1:50 last night to pee. Couldn't get back to sleep until almost 4 b/c I kept thinking about how I couldn't take in a deep breath so of course thinking about it, I kept trying so it kept me awake.

Now I have a whole new something to worry about tonight with what I mentioned above. Awesome

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