Thursday, November 13, 2014

Baby loot and name

Baby loot first :D

Baby clothes are so damn addictive!! Nevermind discounted baby clothes! lol And they're all like new since they're mostly 0-3m sizes. All of us BTDT mommas know at that age, you're lucky if you put them in an outfit more than once lol.
 They're just so cute and tiny. Girl clothes are cuter though.

And a shot of Zoe's closet that is filled with bags and bins of her outgrown clothes. We really need to do something with all of this.
We still need to go through it all to get the neutral stuff out, but that's still going to leave us with A LOT of baby clothes. Maybe if we have another we'll be able to use them again :D

As for a name... DH was looking through the baby book again last night and asked me if I actually said the baby's name out loud to make sure it sounded right and that I still liked it. I told him that baby doesn't have a name yet and if he means Bishop... which I have said and it sounds fine.
But he was talking about the FULL name, which again, we haven't picked out, but apparently, if he doesn't find anything that stands out in the name book, baby boy's middle name will be Orin/Orren/Orrin... however we want to spell it.
That was news to me lol.
I'm happy we have a possible name though. I think DH is only on the J names right now so something could still stand out and things could change. We'll see.

Alrighty, time to put Zoe down for a nap.

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