Tuesday, November 18, 2014

He's so sweet!

Dh got home a little late yesterday. Didn't think anything of it b/c work has been busy and he's needed to stay a little late a few times.
Well turns out, he took a trip to World Market and bought us some yummy sweet treats!
He said he went b/c he knows after next weeks appointment, I won't be able to eat anything like this so he wanted to get me some. Awwww.
He bought my fav Happy Hippos! MAN those things are so good. If you've never had them before, TRY THEM NOW! lol
He also bought a few other things that were really good too. Love him :D

Baby boy freaked me out yesterday with the lack of movement for the majority of the day. Really had me worried which is why I used the doppler 3 separate times just to make sure I could still hear a heartbeat.
He was super active at bedtime though which was a huge reassurance.
Damn anterior placenta. I know it probably contributed to not feeling movement *grumble*


Still looking for one more big present for Zoe for Christmas. Really want to get her a play tent w/ tunnel. She will LOVE it if we manage to get one. They have some cute ones on amazon but will have to talk to DH about it when he gets home. I know baby boy will love it too once he's on the move.

I ate something that did NOT agree with my yesterday. Double edged sword... I don't want to be constipated but I also don't want to have diarrhea either. Well it wasn't really diarrhea, just soft and slightly loose.
Not fun on my aching ass though. Hemorrhoids are no f-ing joke man. I know I keep talking about it, but OUCH! Will probably be buying my first ever tube of prep H.

Awww Zoe was so cute yesterday. I went to pee and of course she was right on my heels in to the bathroom. I was fine, but was thinking about the aching coming from down there while I was going. I must've had a look on my face or something b/c Zoe turned to look at me (after closing the door) and said
"Mommy, what's wrong?" with the cutest worried look on her face. OMG *heart melts*
That's exactly what my reaction was. I kind of gasped and then let out a long awww, snagging her to bring her in for a hug.... while I sat on the toilet peeing :P lol

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