Sunday, November 16, 2014


Remembered one of the things! heh

So was talking with DH yesterday while we were all over the place and mentioned the name. He thinks that the name is more than likely definitely going to be Bishop Oren.... Oren spelled like that.
It really doesn't matter how it's spelled to me, I just always saw it spelled Orin, but with an E instead of the I.. not a huge deal.
If we do end up going with this name... his initials wil be B.O.S :D
Told DH that his nickname could be boss or bossman or something along those lines heh.
They had a cute shirt at BRU that said something like "I'm the boss" on it that I would've liked to have gotten except that they only had it in toddler sizes. Guess we could've still gotten it but meh... I'm sure we'll come across something similar again later on.

Okedoke, got a ton of baby crap to wash and need to wash some dishes too... joy :\

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