Friday, November 14, 2014

Baby kicks!

He's definitely growing. I can feel the movement a lot more often and he seems to be staying awake for longer stretches.
Saw and actually felt one kick. Was about an inch and a half above my waistline. I had felt a couple of kicks so put my hand there. Waited for about 2mins and he did it again.
I swear.. how the heck do they know when you're trying to feel them?? At least that's what it seems like lol.

Anywho, I can feel him right now and he's having himself a little party in there. He must've really liked the porkchops I ate earlier lol.

Slept like hell last night. Wondering if maybe it was b/c I had a bit more carbs than I was having these last few days.
Had a baked potato w/ some corn.... MAN was it good lol. *shrugs* Probably nothing that caused the tossing and turning.

Oh we're going to look at carseats this weekend! So excited :D
Also going to check out the Once Upon a Child across town to see if they have bassinets. That particular store has been open a lot longer and it's in a wealthier part of town. They usually have a lot more stuff in there. We'll see though.
Just hope we don't have to spend an arm and a leg on a car seat.

UGH, the downfall of composting. We save the scraps of veggies and fruit (everything but meat) to throw out in to the compost bins outside. Well, we get a bit slack sometimes in throwing out the buckets and fruit flies swarm. We took the bucket out finally and our kitchen is now filled with fruit flies all over the damn place. We've been trying to suck as many of them up in to the vacuum.
So gross. I actually am afraid to breath in too heavily b/c I don't want to breath in any of them. BLEH!

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