Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Late Thanksgiving!!

To everyone that celebrates it :) And if ya don't... hope you had a great day :D

Thanksgiving was interesting but mostly not.
We went over to my mom's house. I had wanted her to fix some eggrolls when I was still having some cravings and she only just had time to do them yesterday. SO GOOD lol. Worth the wait.
Anywho, she's really pressuring us to take her gold GMC and since I do need to drive it, I drove it to DH's inlaw's place.
It's certainly a very nice car. All of the bells and whistles that you could want with it, but MAN is it still expensive. Plus it has that flex fuel thing going on which still only puts it at 20mpg city which sucks but I guess is good for a big suv.
Oh and b/c of the flex fuel thing... the acceleration lags a bit which I don't like.
It would be something I got used to though. Just right now, I'm so used to driving my car that gets up and goes.
I shouldn't complain though. Even though it is expensive, it's still going to be a 13k car we're getting pretty much which isn't a bad deal at all. Just not sure it's the car we really want. We'll probably just keep it though.

Anyway.... we went to return it last night and my mom REALLY insisted that we just go ahead and take it so she got most of their important things out of it. SIGH. She is a pushy one. So yeah... it's sitting in our driveway right now and apparently she's going to be sending us the car payment bill when it comes. /facepalm
BUT she plans on keeping it on her insurance for however long it takes to pay it off, so that's taking a huge chunk of money off of our shoulders for a little while at least.
Well... so much for thinking about it a bit more :P
Yeah we could always tell her no but I dunno.... I'll have to talk to DH about it some more. We're probably just keeping it.

Thanksgiving at inlaws was how it usually goes. Lots of people, lots of noise, lots of food.
SiL gave me part of her cloth diaper stash. She says she can't use them anymore b/c of arthritis in her hands makes it difficult to use the snaps. Sucks for them, but I guess good for us. May not have to buy any new diapers for a while which will save us a good bit of money.

No black friday shopping for us. Well.. at least not going out to places. I do not even want to see the craziness going on. No deal is worth that headache.
Anyone that is going out though.... hope you get what you're looking for without too much hassle :)

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