Saturday, November 29, 2014

More stuff

More car chat incoming....

So looking at used gmc terrains of the same year.. we'd only be getting a slightly better 'deal' if we took my mom's car. Meh.... still something at least.
It's just such a big deal and we're still not sure if we're going to keep it or trade it in. DH wants to see how much is left on it before we decide anything which I understand.

I'm usually totally fine staying home but I am getting some cabin fever right about now. BUT knowing how traffic will be out there is keeping me home. I know Zoe would appreciate going out too. Maybe I'll take a quick trip to the grocery store to help lol.

Progress on the crochet doll I've been working on. Decided to make the legs on whatever it's going to be kind of stumpy so that saved a lot of time and I think I may turn it in to a dragon if I can figure out a good design for it. Just don't want to try to make a mane for a pony and then have her pulling the yarn out b/c I just know she'd figure it out lol. I'll post photos of it when I'm done :)

No work on the nursery yet. We did buy some cheap blinds for it to replace the crap ones that are in here. These were kind of expensive too, but they totally suck balls.

We ended up buying some curtains for the sunroom doors. Seems to be working pretty well I think.

When is viability week? Is it 24? I'm 25 today so.... guess I'm at that point? YAY! Well technically I'm still 24wsomething but still at that point :D I had wondered about it before but just never gave it too much thought until I saw it mentioned... somewhere (can't remember).
Kind of relieving to know that baby boy would have a good chance if, gawd forbid, anything were to happen.

Still no name. We haven't really talked about it in the last couple of days. I think DH really is going to want to give him an O name w/ Bishop for a middle name so he can have "Obie" as a nickname.

There are a couple that I wouldn't mind but most of the O names that I've seen are just.... weird. At least weird in America. I'll talk to him more about it tonight. Would really like to be able to tell people a name.

Right now SiL (dh's sister) calls him Franklin after FiL and MiL calls him Conner.... just b/c she likes the name lol.
Still plenty of time I know, but..... I just want a name picked out. Seems so much more difficult choosing a good boy name than a girl. So much more you have to worry about.

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