Sunday, November 23, 2014

One thing done, a lot more to go

So I think the living room is now situated how we're going to keep it. It's not the best, but it will work.
Now I just need to clean my desk off like I said I was going to do a couple of weeks ago so DH can hook my computer up to the tv. We're still not sure where DH's computer is going though. We need to figure it out so we can determine if we need to buy a smaller desk or not.
We also need to buy a whole lot of other stuff.
We would like to keep a door to the sunroom open, but still want to keep the breeze our so we're thinking maybe buying a heavy curtain to put over the opening would be a good idea. We also need to buy curtains for all of the windows in the sunroom to help keep the heat/cold out and curtains for the new nursery and new blinds.
The blinds will just be some cheapy ones like we have in Zoe's room... so that's not a big purchase at least.

UGH just a lot of stuff to do still.
Then we still need to buy a fan/light for the nursery and paint aaaaaaaand probably some more of that blue tape aaaaaaaaand.... yeah... just a lot of stuff. BLEH!
I can see where all of our tax return is going to go next year... paying off the dang credit card bill.

My mom is crazy. She bought herself a new SUV a couple of months ago. Well it's not new new, it was previously owned but only has like 17k miles on it.
It's a giant buick SUV that even used is 38k!!! She wants us to trade our car for hers, she would take over our car payment and we would take hers.... nevermind that we're only paying about $300 a month for ours while she's paying $650 for hers.
Uhm.... no.
Plus, it's HUGE. It's super nice and all but we want a much smaller suv... not a dang luxury tank.
I'm so used to driving my little car that it's going to be weird even upgrading to a small suv.
Oh AND, it's white. We don't want a basic color like that. Colors that everyone else has. Just makes it easier for a thief to steal cars that all look the same ya know. Plus.. white, black, gray.. it's all boring.
Not really a lot of options when it comes to colors for suvs but meh.. we'll see what's out there when the time comes.
Probably won't be until a year from now when we're seriously looking or even in 2016 so plenty of time for new things to come out by then.

So yeah... she's crazy lol.
She did go ahead and get us a Christmas present though lol. She had a new little space heater that was pretty nice and worked really well. So she bought us one :D YAY MOM! heh
We can definitely use it in areas.
I wouldn't mind using it in Zoe's room, BUT I just don't trust space heaters that much to put it in there. It needs to be in a room that I'm in if it's in use.

I think that's about it. Need to get started w/ cleaning. Finish shampooing the floor out in the living room and cleaning off my desk and whatnot. Also need to figure out what I'm going to get my virtual baby shower person :D
Love shopping for other people! Need to take a trip to Target to see what they have.

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