Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Back ordered

Forgot to mention yesterday that the baby furniture place called and told us that the crib and dresser that we want are on back order until HOPEFULLY January.
Really not a big deal IF they actually get them in then. Not like baby will be going right in to his crib so we can wait a little longer if we need to. Sucks but meh.. not really a huge deal either... if they get it in then.

OMG I slept like SHIT last night. Couldn't get comfortable and w/ the back of my mouth sore from mouth breathing & swallowing so much, it kept waking me up too.
Think I'm going to try sleeping on the recliner tonight if it's still bad again. Just can't toss and turn like that again.

Appointment tomorrow morning. Glucose test and see doctor after.
Next appointment should be fun though since I'll be getting another u/s to make sure baby boy is growing as he should. Really hoping they'll be able to get me in before Christmas. Have that little present before, but it will probably be after.
Oh well, either way will be awesome since we get to see him again :D Just hope they can get a good profile shot of him. I know he's in there growing well b/c his movements are becoming a lot stronger. Still not super consistent. Like yesterday, I barely felt him all day, but that night he was kicking the bed and rolling all over the place.

We're still not decided on a name yet.
DH really likes the nickname Obi.... as in Obi Wan from Star Wars lol. I don't know why he got that in to his head but he has. I told him if he could find a cute name that we could make in to the nickname Obi, then we could use it but nothing so far.
Also told him I guess we could pick an O first name and have Bishop for the middle... but I really love Bishop as his first name. Oh well.... think I'll let DH make the final decision in the end... so long as it's not something stupid like his joking "Qurrie" creative spelling name of Cory. lol

DH wants me to drive my mom's cars to see if I like them. If not, then I guess we'll still take one and then trade it in for something we do want. UGH, I do not want to drive those tanks around. I'm just not used to it and the thought makes me so nervous. I'm sure they both drive like a dream though... it's just they're SO big.
I'm already a crappy parker.. which is why I usually park further away from the store than I need to most of the time lol, I can't imagine parking one of those things.

And finally... still using DH's computer until monday. We have to get the outlet thing in the living room activated and can set up everything there so we shouldn't need a wireless thing for my computer and monday is when they're coming out to do it. We were afraid it would be like a month from now but thankfully no lol.

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