Friday, November 21, 2014

I forgot again!

Bleh.... there was one particular thing I wanted to mention in this post and I've forgotten what it was. SIGH!

Oh well... lets talk about some more random stuff :D

Got our sunbaby diapers yesterday :D Bought a pack of 12 of them in the size one. Look pretty good as far as I can tell. I always see good reviews for them so we'll see if they live up to their reputation.
Will order some regular size ones probably after Christmas. Gotta spend this credit card money on presents first :P

Feeling guilty. I don't want to go anywhere and I know Zoe is getting a bit stir crazy sitting in the house all day long. Didn't help that it was cold as hell outside for a little while there.
Will have to make more of an effort to go out with her. Get her out of the house.

No wonder why she's always so eager to spend the night with her granny or aunt. I don't mind her going over there, but she's getting in to the mindset that she's going to spend the night every weekend and that's not going to fly.
The break is nice, but I want some weekends with her. Especially want her to spend time with her daddy.

Anywho... going to go over to her grandma's house today (my mom). We haven't seen her in gosh... a couple of months. I'm such a good daughter :\ Seriously though, she's been busy and me.. like I said, I haven't wanted to go out. We'll see her today though and Zoe can go wreak some havoc over there lol

Zoe is getting so good at drawing smiley faces. Will have to come up with something else to show her how to draw. She's so eager to do it and learn. She is SO going to love the chalk board easel we got for her. Can't wait for Christmas!!!


Nope... still can't remember wth I was wanting to mention... darn it.

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