Friday, November 28, 2014

Oops, my appointment

Forgot to mention how it went.

The orange drink is a lot better when it's cold. Room temp it's just too sweet. Cold on the other hand, it just tasted like sightly too sweet koolade. Not sure why women get all huffy over it.
I chugged it down in less than a minute and the nurse? receptionist? started cracking up b/c she's never seen anyone drink it so fast :P lol

The wait wasn't bad either b/c they filled it with other shit like making my appointments for the rest of my pregnancy O_O
After this 28w one (which will be on Dec 16th), I start going in every 2 weeks.
Holy crap.... am I really that far along already??

So yeah, that was.... weird and also exciting to think about.

Then I saw one of the doctors for all of 2 minutes lol. She measured my bump and then checked for the HB and yeah... that was it. Didn't have any questions so no point in prolonging anything.

Then had to wait for about 10mins and got my blood taken to check TSH level and glucose.

The drink did make me feel off about 20min after I drank it, but that passed in about 5min and I felt fine after.

I did end up getting headaches that didn't want to go away later in the day and think it was caused by too much sugar (I had eaten a couple of other sugary/carby things).

Should be getting results on Monday which meant I could eat everything I wanted without guilt on Thanksgiving. MUAHAHAHAHAHA ;) lol

I don't expect to pass it which I'm fine with. Just need to get a new battery for my glucose checker thing... and new needles and strip things. Man those things are expensive, but at least we eventually get reimbursed for them.

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