Saturday, November 15, 2014

So busy! So much stuff!

Ok, so we didn't get around to rearranging the living room.
We went out super early to grocery shop and once we got home and put that all away, we went out to Babies R Us and Buy Buy and all that jazz. That area gets super busy w/ horrible traffic really quick so we wanted to go early.

We really didn't see a whole lot at BRU that we liked. There were some cute Christmas outfits that I would've liked to have gotten Zoe if they didn't cost so dang much. We did buy a couple of things, just a Minnie Mouse shirt for Zoe and some warm camo stuff for her and for baby boy to eventually grow in to heh.

We also got a cute superman bib w/ cape. BUT we saw the same one at Buy Buy Baby but that one came with socks. Boooo. We could've returned the other but meh.

Anywho... the Once Upon a Child across town was SO damn busy and their prices were a little higher. Good lord that place was so busy though. Think the cold weather took a lot of people by surprise b/c a lot of parents were there browsing all of the coats.
Anywho, we snagged a few cute outfits for baby boy and a bassinet for $50 :D If I remember right, the one we bought would've been $89 new. It looks almost new so I think we got a really good deal on it.
I'll get photos once I wash all the stuff and we set it up.

We also bought the infant carrier and an extra base. Spent A LOT on it too. YEESH. It wasn't that super expensive Cybex Aton one, although they did have one. Ours was only about $90 less but that's still 90 we didn't have to spend.
Still though... YEESH! Considering we only spent $10 on the one we used for Zoe... this was a big purchase for us lol.
Anywho, we ended up going with a Graco Snugride click connect 35 LX. It's in a grey w/ orange trim color. We liked it b/c it wasn't that heavy and was VERY easy to get in and out of the base. It still didn't fit super well in our car but it will work.

We also bought Zoe another Christmas present :D Well, we bought her some more pajamas and the Minnie Mouse shirt will be saved for Christmas too. But bigger purchase, we bought her a double sided easel. Has chalk board on one side and dry erase on the other and comes with magnet letters and shapes. Really cute and she's going to love it. Won't be buying her markers any time soon for it though. Don't think that would wash off the walls as easily as crayon lol.

Uuuhm and yeah, just bought lots of baby clothes here and there along with other stuff.
We got a car seat which was the main goal and secondary goal was the bassinet which we also got :D

I'll post some photos of the stuff when I have more energy. We started at 8am and finally got home at 2:30pm.
I am SO dang tired and sore. Going to go lay down, relax... play on my kindle.. and then zonk the hell out.

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