Sunday, August 31, 2014

I'm so HOT!!!

And not in the good looking way lol.
It's hot as hell outside and even with the AC on, it's like my body can still feel the heat and I'm sweating like crazy. BLEH!
All I have to say is, thank goodness for AC. I do not know how people survived before AC lol.

Oh and correction... Zoe only weighed in at 26lbs, not 28. So kind of tiny but in proportion as her doctor said heh.
Someone from that DD group mentioned hearing that if you double the height at 2years, it tells you how tall they'll be as adults. Which means if that's true, Zoe will be 5'6". Not too shabby :) But then again it doesn't matter too much for girls. Just hope if we have a boy, he'll be on the taller side so that won't hang over his head when he gets older since women like taller men. Oh well... short, tall, whatever.. just so long as he/she is healthy.

Feeling good though. Yesterday the morning sickness kicked up a bit after I had posted. Gagging at anything and everything nasty. Gagging after eating etc etc. Thankfully it stopped by mid afternoon though.

Zoe went to go spend the night with her aunt (DH's aunt). I dunno... I don't mind Zoe spending the night with her, but I don't like it. This aunt is the one that hogs Zoe whenever we go out to dinner while MiL barely gets to hold her. It's like she thinks that just b/c there's already one grandchild (that is pretty attached to MiL) that it's ok for her to monopolize all of Zoe's attention. It makes me angry b/c MiL is granny... NOT this aunt.
But I dunno.... I guess Zoe is just lucky to have so many people in her life that loves her so much... which is why I don't say anything.

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