Tuesday, August 19, 2014

9w4d or 10w3d

I may start going with the LMP date if baby starts measuring ahead... I'll probably eventually go with that date a little further along. Just feels like... I dunno...cheating? to do it now lol.

Anyway... Feeling ok. DH mentioned yesterday that my morning sickness seems to be worse this time. And while it is still mild, I do have to agree with him after thinking about it. I thought that it was about the same as w/ Zoe but I do think it's a little worse. It's def happening more regularly. I always have gagging fits in the morning before I eat anything, will usually always gag after eating and pumping out water in to a pitcher.. for some reason always makes me gag too. Brushing my teeth... every other time will cause gagging.
I still can't complain though. No throwing up... yet... so I'll handle the gagging.. even though it's gross when it happens in public. It's only happened a couple of times and thankfully no one noticed but still.

Was gagging like crazy this morning putting Zoe in to her carseat. Look over and see the neighbor out by his car. I know he heard me gagging like crazy. Probably wondering WTF was going on lol.

Still getting annoyed pretty easily. Getting a whiny little puppy right now probably wasn't the best idea lol. He's a cute little pup and I understand why he whines but holy shit when he starts it grates on my last nerve. Nevermind when he wakes up in the middle of the night and thinks it's playtime and starts jumping on my face. Would love it if he'd snuggle up with DH but the dog instantly attached itself to me. Oh well. There are worse things than puppy kisses at 2am lol.

My lower back is starting to bother me. It's a dull ache but always there. I can't lay on my back for too long most of the time b/c it starts hurting more.

And yeah, the other usual stuff, weird/vivid dreams, peeing a lot etc.

Ugh... still  weeks for my next appointment. So scared that they'll do the u/s and there won't be a heartbeat.
Another m/c in my DD group sure doesn't calm the nerves any.

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