Thursday, August 21, 2014

So slow.. so long random post.. woohoo

These weeks are going by SO damn slow.
I'll be 10w tomorrow and it feels like I should be further along just b/c the days have gone by so slow.

Been feeling ok. About the same as I have been so nothing new to report.

I've been obsessively watching pregnancy vlogs, birth stories and all that good stuff on youtube lol. Wish more of them were overweight though. Just feels like all of the ones I've seen so far are from young super skinny women. Which there's absolutely nothing wrong with that or anything, but ya know... there are us older plumper gals needing to feel a connection with similar women.
But whatever, I still watch them.

Just watched a surgery video of docs removing an ectopic pregnancy. 10w... it showed them holding the little baby as they removed it. So sad and heartbreaking. Baby is so tiny but looks like a little baby. It's crazy how fast they grow in such a short amount of time.
Anyway... while watching that was fascinating, it just makes me kind of angry too. Wish more places would do earlier scans. At least to make sure that baby is in the right place. I keep seeing women saying that their doc office won't see them until 12-16w. That's INSANE to me. Oh well I guess....

Ugh... DD board I go to. Someone asked when is the earliest you can hear baby's hb on a home doppler. Some lying ass heifer said she could find her babies at 6w.
What the fuck ever you lying liar. Just got the impression of her being a "I'm so special" types that have to out do everyone else.

Another UGH moment. I'm part of  PCOS FB groups. In one of them, someone posted a photo claiming they were 10dpo and to look at the cheapy HPT they just took.
I'm not sure on what brand it was, but it looked like a OPK, why? Well b/c the test line was WAY darker than the control line already. At supposedly only 10dpo... keep that in mind AND on a cheap internet test. Like I said, not sure what brand it was, but come on, what internet cheapy test have you ever seen to give a super dark line that early?
Anyway, someone called her out and said the photo looked doctored and that it looked like an OPK etc etc. Now that post is gone.
I just don't understand people sometimes. What the hell is going on in your life that you have to fake shit like that?

What else what else....
Puppy Pippin is doing ok. He's getting used to being here thankfully. And thankfully no hawk or owl has flown off with him the few times we've left him outside unsupervised lol.
He attached himself to me like a baby bird does to whatever is first sees after hatching. That first day, this puppy has not left my side. It's sweet but also extremely annoying when he won't stop whining b/c I went out of sight for a second. Plus he won't sleep next to DH and snuggles right up to my head all night long. He's gotten used to my constant getting up to pee thankfully though and will snuggle back down to sleep.
I can't even count how many times he's peed in the house. There's no warning for it at all. Just all of a sudden there will be a dime-quarter size wet spot. AND he's tried to pee on the bed... twice.
It's hot as hell outside so I sure as heck don't want to leave them out for too long so... guess I'll just deal with it for now. You get spoiled with older dogs that know how to hold it in and have their routines down with your own rofl. Just completely forgot how much work puppies are. It's worth it though :D
He's gonna be a great dog... just have to make sure he doesn't get that Napoleon complex small dogs get. You know what I mean.... their owner babies the hell out of them and the dog becomes dominant and gets mean as shit, but everyone thinks it's cute b/c it's a small dog. That shit is not cute and that crap is not happening here.

Zoe is becoming so defiant. I can't fuss at her anymore without her yelling back at me with that little finger wagging and her saying "NO" and "STOP" lol. It does make me a bit frustrated, but also I can't help but find it adorable and funny too. Really need to spend more quality time with her while it's still just her.

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