Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Had to pee so decided to check for the heartbeat again. Got a decent video this time instead of it sounding like a psycho breathing heavy in to the mic lol.

Found the heartbeat center this time instead of to the left. Our little choo choo train is moving all around in there. :D

My lower back is killing me right now. Not sure if it was b/c I was hunched over making her clock yesterday (probably) or what, but MAN.... I couldn't get in to any comfortable position to sleep. Lower back is still hurting some. Thankfully it's only a mild pain so it's bearable at least.

Speaking of the clock... I painted it gold and no.... just no. Looks so cheap and ugly. Thought gold would look interesting but no... it looks so tacky and bleh. I'll probably do it in some girly colors. Was thinking black and another color, but it would clash too much w/ the rest of her thing.


Oh and I finally dug around in our electronics hoarder closet and pulled out another keyboard. WOO! YAY number buttons and exclamation points!!!! ;)

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