Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ranting for a moment

I have to rant about DH for a minute.
Most of the time he's great but this whole getting pissy with me about no sex thing needs to just fucking stop already. He knows I'm not the horndog I was before having Zoe. So excuse me if grabbing one of my tits or grabbing my ass doesn't do it for me anymore. Or hell, not even that most of the time. Most of the time it's "We're having sex tonight". No he would never force it, but I mean damn, would it be so difficult to show some affection beforehand other than said tit and ass grabbing?
I should say that the grabbing is playful at least, but ya know.. how about some kisses and hugs and compliments?
And seriously, it's not like we never have sex. It's at least twice a week which I think is pretty damn good considering I have no sex drive and either one of us are tired by the time we can have sex.
He acts like denying him ONE or hell, even two times means we're never doing it again and that I don't want/love him anymore. Again, no he doesn't say that stupid guilt trip shit to me, but he sure as heck acts like it and it just pisses me off.
Dude, you have hands.... use them.

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