Saturday, August 16, 2014

The only time you'll ever get to choose a family member

SiL and brother finally brought over our newest little family member and OMG he's so tiny and cute.... imagine lots of exclamation marks lol....

You can see in the last photo and a few others how wonky his one leg looks. He kind of squats down a little to compensate for it but he gets around ok. Def have to take him to the vet to get checked out again and see what they say.
Thinking it might just be quicker to maybe just take the leg off. 3 legged dogs are cute and totally normal :D But like I said, we'll see what they say.

He's already pooped and peed outside... and peed inside once lol. I knew he was about to but meh, not a big deal right now when dealing w/ a dog this size. It was the size of a nickel lol.
Our dogs seem really interested in him but also not sure what to do. I'm sure they'll warm up to him in no time.

Zoe is absolutely smitten with him. As we expected, she's doesn't fully understand the word gentle, but she's actually been pretty good so far. She's fascinated that she can pick him up. She just doesn't know how to put down softly and kind of tossed him a couple of times. Thankfully her tosses aren't very strong or far so it was more like just dropping him. She'll learn though.
He's def going to have to sleep with us. He's been whining since he's gotten here, but that can only be expected from a newly removed pup. He also has that chihuahua shiver down lol.

Anywho, he's so cute... oh and we named him Pippin :D Other than his leg and some scratching from fleas, he looks to be in great health. He's def going to be a small dog when he's full grown.
I'm going to have to go outside whenever I let the dogs out to make sure hawks don't try to fly off with him. He's the size of a healthy rat. lol

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