Monday, August 25, 2014

Infant car seats

Been trying to look for infant car seats that are good for small cars. Same crap that I read when we were looking before and those did NOT fit in to our car.
There is one that looks really good. Something called Cybex Aton?
Saw a video of a woman comparing 3 different ones in a small car and that one looked to be the best.
But it also comes with a super hefty price tag of 250-300 dollars too. It seems to get really great reviews though.... just that price... UGH
We are going to have to go for something more expensive though. That cheap 10 dollar one we had just isn't going to work... not with Zoe's car seat back there too.
Can't wait until we can get another car... whenever that may be.

Poor puppy. He's so nervous and doesn't like eating without DH or myself around him. Didn't realize how bad it was though. I don't think he ate more than a few kibble yesterday and maybe a few laps of water and that was it. He woke up last night as usual, laid back down right by my ear and all I could hear was his little stomach grumbling and growling.
He didn't have any food in his dish this morning, but that only means one of the other dogs got to it first. Put his dish by my desk and gave him some more and he totally scarfed it down like he hadn't eaten in forever. Poor little guy was starving. He's in a kibble coma at my feet right now w/ a nice full belly.

Feeling pretty good overall. Tired though. I'm sure it's just from the pup waking up during the night though.
Still having some gag attacks... doesn't seem to be as many or last as long.
Did try to scoop some poop this morning and yeah... that was not happening. It's a gross enough job without added gagging thrown in to the mix.

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