Saturday, August 30, 2014

2yr checkup

Zoe had her 2yr checkup yesterday and all is great :)
She was 28lbs, 33inches and head circ... not sure but it was average as it has been the entire time.
She had to get her finger pricked, didn't cry at all, and had to get one shot... again, didn't even cry.
I make DH hold her when she gets a shot and he said she just flinched a little and that was it. So proud of her :D

We go back and 2.5 years in February. I can't remember if they said she was getting another shot then. I think so? But I'm not sure.

DH took 3 days off, so he was off yesterday, monday and tuesday. He does have to work this coming weekend, but he took the 9th off for my appointment :D Hopefully that goes well. Dunno why it shouldn't but ya never know.

It's almost 7am right now and the puppy woke me up just after 6 needing to pee. UGH. I mean it's good that he seems to be learning to hold it all night, but since DH isn't getting up when he normally does... I'm left having to get up to let him pee. And of course he doesn't want to lay back down and sleep. Oh no... it's super awesome playtime hour! :\

We need to start eating better again. If not for myself, then definitely for DH. He's so unhappy that he's gained weight back and I'm feeling guilty about it too.
We're going grocery shopping today (instead of Sundays since we don't want to feel hurried to get home so DH can go to church)... so will be getting healthy stuff instead of all of the junky cravings crap I've been wanting.
It will be good for everyone *nodnod*

UGH family questions starting to annoy me already.
Got "So how's the baby doing?" Last night.... WTH? Do I have Xray vision? Are pieces of paper w/ notes from the baby w/ updates on it's development coming out of my vag? No? Then how the hell am I supposed to know? Yeah I use the doppler, but that's not telling me much of anything.
Just stupid. Of course I just say "Ok as far as I know." That seems to satisfy them.
I know I'm being overly sensitive about it, so just have to suck it up and stop my internal bitch from rolling her eyes. Going to be dealing with it until March.

FiL SO wants a boy. I know they all do, but since it seems like we're the only ones successfully conceiving, they're relying on us to have them a boy. I really want a boy too, but obviously, we'll all love another little girl just as much. If all goes well, I can't wait to see what he/she looks like. If they'll look like Zoe or if they'll look totally different like my nieces w/ one being light colored (blue eyes, blonde hair) and the other being dark (dark brown hair and eyes).
So exciting :D

What's new... aching. I'm SO damn achy in my pelvic region. It's so uncomfortable and persistent. It's not cramping or RLP, just an overall ache that won't go away. Reminds me of how I felt the last tri w/ Zoe. UGH, I don't want to imagine what that's going to be like if I already feel this way lol.

Morning sickness seems to have let up. I still gag around poop... like a lot, but overall it's been slowly getting better.

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